Pinocchio poster



These fun posters, inspired by the tale of Pinocchio and created by the painter Daria Palotti, are ideal for giving vent to creativity and making the walls of the children’s bedroom unique or to personalize every room in the house.

Each poster portrays a protagonist subject or unforgettable scenes from Collodi’s famous fable.

To give a more classic and elegant effect and, at the same time, to highlight the poster, just insert it in a beautiful wooden frame.

The minimum purchase is 4 posters with subjects of your choice.



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Body, Fairy Hug, Geppetto on tuna, Happy Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Land of Toys, Mangiafuoco, Mouth of the Whale, Pinocchio donkey ears, Pinocchio runs, Pinocchio with the Cricket upon his nose, Policemen, The Fox and the Cat, The Green Fisherman, The Process, The Red Crab Inn