Terms and Conditions of sale

Here, 13 August 2017


These Terms and Conditions of Sale (“the Terms”) shall apply whenever the User places orders for the purchase of products on the Site. Any reference to the “User” indicates the User of the Site, any reference to “We”, “the Store” and “our” indicates Pinocchio Store Florence.

If you do not agree to the Terms, you may not place orders for products. We will ask you to accept the Terms when you attempt to place a purchase order for the products without first selecting the box indicating your acceptance of the Terms. If, during the completion of the order, the User does not select the box of acceptance, will not be able to place the order. The User will be redirected to our Home page.

To purchase products on the Site the User must be 18 years of age or older.

If, when placing an order for products on the Site, you unconditionally agree to the Terms, we will ask you to check the box to confirm your acceptance of the Terms.


a.Sales from this Website are made by Pinocchio Store Firenze, with registered office in via de’ Guicciardini, 6/r – Florence, Italy. P.IVA Trade Register
b.In case of problems relating to the order or use of the Site, please contact us using the following data:
i.Email: servizioclienti@pinocchiostorefirenze.com
ii.Phone: +39055294563
c.If the User placed an order on the Pinocchiostorefirenze.com website, he will receive an email from Us at the time of shipping the order. This email will contain the order identification code, which is the first point of contact for questions about the status of the order. We invite the User to contact us regarding the delivery of the order only if it is not delivered within the time provided.
d.If within the Terms and Conditions of Sale there are steps that the User does not understand, the User is sent to contact us before proceeding.
a.Below (Article 3. How to place an order) we provide a summary of the steps to follow in order to place an order for the products presented on the Site. Following the shipment of the products to the User, a legally binding contract is concluded for the sale of the relevant products. Pinocchio Store Firenze will keep an electronic version of the contract in its archives; for access, please contact Customer Service. Although basic order information is included in the order confirmation email that we send you, we recommend that you download a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Sale from here and keep it. The only language available for the conclusion of the contract is Italian.
a.Step 1: Access and registration. The User may choose to make purchases on our site as a registered User or as a non-registered User. The registration avoids having to enter the address and the shipping data each time you make a purchase on our Site and offers the User the opportunity to subscribe to receive strictly controlled communications from us. Please note that our registration process does not store your payment information. To purchase products from this Site you must be 18 years of age or older. It is not mandatory to register to make purchases. See Article 4 below for further registration conditions.
b.Step 2: Enter the billing and delivery addresses. If you are registered, your billing and delivery data will be displayed automatically and can be changed as necessary. If the User is not registered, he will be asked to enter such data at each purchase. Even unregistered users have the option of receiving strictly controlled communications from Us. For more information about delivery options and restrictions that might apply to certain locations, click here.
c.Step 3: Check and confirm. You will have the opportunity to check and confirm your order details, including your delivery address, preferred payment method and product details. No data relating to the payment shall be collected at this stage.
d.Step 4: Payment. The User will be sent a calculation of shipping costs, together with the cost of the items chosen and required to choose the data related to the payment method chosen and will be offered the opportunity to accept or refuse further communications from the Site, as explained in our Privacy Policy. See Article 6 below (Payment) which provides information about the company that handles payment processing on our behalf. For more details on available payment options, click here. Once you click on the ‘Payment’ button, we will process the order.
a.At the first purchase an account will be created to avoid having to re-enter the address and delivery information at each purchase. You may also choose whether you wish to receive strictly controlled communications from Us via the newsletter, as explained in our Privacy Policy. You can then log in, enter the Site and make normal orders. Once logged in, you may change or update your username and password or other details at any time. The User guarantees that all information and details provided are true and are accurate and up to date in every respect. To register for the Site you must be 18 years of age or older.
b.The User is responsible for all uses of the Site that are made with his username and password. The User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his username and password. The User must notify us immediately as soon as he becomes aware of unauthorized activities carried out with his account/ profile or any security breach. We are not responsible for any activities carried out by other persons with the User’s account.
a.After placing an order on the Site, we will send the User an email confirming receipt of the order, with the order number. We recommend printing and retaining a copy of the confirmation email, along with a copy of these Terms as a reference. Your order represents an offer to us to purchase the products included in your order. The order is accepted by Us when the products ordered by You are shipped, if We have not informed You that We do not accept the order, or You have not cancelled the order according to the instructions described in Article 9. (Right of withdrawal – Cancel or return your order). If, for any reason, we are not able to process the User’s order, the latter will be informed by email and the order will be deleted. In this case, and if the payment has already been processed, the full refund will be offered (including any shipping and packaging costs) with credited according to the payment method used at the time of payment by the User. The order will be stored in our computer systems. For more information about accessing your order data, please contact Customer Service.
b.If the products are available in a limited quantity, we may limit the number of products that can be ordered by a person or household. These limitations will be specified in the product description on the Site.
a.For the payment of the order we accept the main credit and debit cards. The User will also receive an email containing the total shipping costs and may indicate the preferred payment method. We rely on Paypal that through secure encryption services manages on our behalf the processing of payment cards, relative to the validation of the payment method chosen by the User. After validation, we will charge according to the payment method indicated by the User. In case of non-validation, and if an accepted alternative payment method is not provided, the order will not be processed. We use Paypal to validate the User’s online payment before the User receives the email with the confirmation of receipt of the order and the order identification number. Paypal uses software programs to detect any fraudulent use and connects to banks to verify credit limits and the presence of notifications of lost or stolen cards. More information about Paypal and its privacy policy can be found at http://www.paypal.it.
b.Among the payment methods it will also be possible to cash on delivery, bank transfer and collection in the store.
a.At any time before communicating acceptance of the order to the User (Article 8. Email acceptance), we reserve the right to refuse any order or part of it or to request further information or more specific information in order to evaluate and/or accept the order.
b.We may not be able to ship the products of your order or we may decide, for reasonable reasons, not to do so, such as for reasons of security and fairness between customers, in the event that supplies are limited. In this case, the User will be informed and the payment will not be processed, or, if this has already been done, the User will be offered a full refund (including shipping and packaging costs) with credit according to the payment method used during payment by the User.
c.Except for the refund, we assume no responsibility for the non-shipment of products where this is due to our inability to do so or our decision, for reasonable reasons, not to do so. Please note that this does not affect in any way the rights of the consumer enshrined in Italian law, nor any other laws relating to the consumer of other jurisdiction applicable to the User.
d.In order to avoid inconvenience, we strongly recommend ordering well in advance, taking into account the processing and delivery times of the order. For our part, we will do our best to deliver the products as quickly as possible after the User has placed the order. Sometimes times may be longer than expected. (If in the meantime the User changes his mind, he has the right to cancel the order as described in Article 9. Right of cancellation).
e.We deliver all over the world. For more details on our delivery services, including applicable charges, you can send a request to Customer Service or contact us by phone. Reasonable efforts will be made to meet delivery times, however, if this is not possible, we will notify you and offer you an alternative date. If, for any reason, we are not able to process the User’s order, the latter will be informed by email and the order will be deleted. Any risks relating to the product purchased and the responsibility to insure them are transferred to the User after the products have been delivered.
f.By providing us with your mobile phone number at the time of ordering, you implicitly agree to the transfer of such data to a third-party service provider that we will choose as the person responsible for delivering the product to you. The third-party service provider responsible for the delivery of the products may send the User an SMS message indicating the expected times for delivery.
a.After sending the products, we will send the User an additional email notification confirming acceptance of the order. Following the shipment of the order, the contract between Us and the User for the sale of the product will be considered concluded and binding for both parties. Acceptance will be considered complete and effectively communicated to the User in all respects following the sending of the email, regardless of the receipt of the same by the User.
a.Pinocchio Store Firenze wants the User to be always satisfied with their purchases. Sometimes, however, it may happen that the User wishes to return the products.
b.The User has the right to cancel the order at any time before the order is shipped. To cancel your order, please contact customer service.
c.The User also has the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase of products within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which he received the products (or the last of the products constituting the order), without having to provide any reason. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the User must inform us of his decision to return the order with an explicit statement (for example, a letter, a fax or an e-mail to the addresses indicated in point 1).
d.If the User decides to exercise the right of withdrawal, he must return the order without undue delay and in any case within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which the decision to return the order is communicated. The deadline shall be met if the products are returned before the expiry of the 14-day period. You will be refunded the price paid for the products purchased in addition to the cost of the original shipment (except in the case of withdrawal relating to only some products constituting an order, in which case the costs of the original shipment will not be refunded) within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which the User informed us of the decision to withdraw from the purchase, using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction, unless it is expressly agreed by the User. The refund may be suspended until the receipt of the goods or until the User has demonstrated that he has returned the goods, if earlier. The User shall not incur any costs as a result of the refund.
e.The right of withdrawal is extended from 14 to 30 calendar days under the following conditions. The costs of the original shipment will not be refunded and the costs of returning the order will be borne by the User. To return the products, the User must contact Customer Service. The costs of returning the order are borne by the User. In order to ensure the safe return of your order, we recommend that you keep the receipt of the shipment until the refund has been credited. The refund will be made through the same payment method selected at the time of the order within 14 days from the day on which the decision to return the order is communicated.
f.It is also possible to return the product to the Shop within a maximum of 30 calendar days, presenting the purchase receipt. Please note that for products returned to the Shop only replacement with another product or the delivery of a voucher is required. It is advisable to contact the Shop in advance to verify that the requested product is available.
g.We do not accept returns of products listed on the Site as non-returnable, which include, without limitation, Cds, Dvds, Blu-ray, audio media, video games, software media and sealed electronic products that have been opened by the consumer, certain items in the clothing and other collectibles range specified on the Site as not returnable by nature or because the packaging has been opened.
h.The User shall be solely responsible for the decrease in the value of the products resulting from the handling of the products themselves other than that necessary to determine their nature, characteristics and operation.
i.You have the right to return any product (including customized products excluded from the right of withdrawal or cancellation described above) that is damaged, defective or that was delivered to you by mistake. Once we confirm that the product is damaged or defective, or that it was delivered by mistake, we will refund the price paid for the product plus the costs of the original shipment (with the exception of the case where you wish to return a defective product part of an order, or where the defective product is a multimedia product, or other collectible products that can only be replaced with a product of the same type ) and the cost of the return shipment.
j.In the event that the product is received by the User damaged or defective or if we have delivered one or more products other than those ordered to the User, we invite the User to contact the Customer Service from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 and on Saturday from 10:00:00 to 12:00, excluding national holidays. Our team will explain how to return the products as easily as possible. In this case, the User will not be required to bear the cost of returning the product. We will also refund the cost of the shipment paid at the time of the order if the User returns all the products that were included in the order. The shipping costs paid at the time of the order will not be refunded if the User wishes to return only part of the order or requests a replacement or alternative product.

a.We are committed to ensuring that the prices of the products listed on the Site are accurate, however errors may occur and sometimes the price indicated for a product may be incorrect. If we find that we have indicated an incorrect price for a particular product on the Site, we will inform the User of the error as soon as possible and we will not be required to provide such product at the wrong price displayed. In this case, we will inform the User of the correct price of the product and offer the possibility to purchase the product at the correct price or to cancel the order. If we are unable to contact you to inform you of the wrong price, we will automatically cancel your order. In the event that the User chooses to cancel the order but has already paid for the product, we will offer the full refund by crediting according to the payment method used during payment by the User.
b.Please note that online prices may differ from the prices displayed in the shop. All prices indicated on the Website are inclusive of VAT.
c.Cds, Dvds, Blu-rays, audio products, video games, multimedia software may be subject to technical protections to prevent unauthorized copying. The limitations to the interoperability of these products will be specified on the appropriate page of the Site description.

a.We guarantee that all products purchased from the Site are of satisfactory quality, suitable for their intended purpose at the time of sale on the Site, in accordance with the descriptions on the Site and that we will offer all services with reasonable expertise and care. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be construed as excluding or limiting the guarantees or other rights of the consumer explicitly or implicitly enshrined in the legislation applicable to such products.
b.We also remind you that if a product is defective or does not correspond to the description, the User has the right to legal warranty of conformity in relation to the product pursuant to and for the effects of articles 130 and following of the Consumer Code (D. Lgs 206/2005).
c.If the Products are subject to additional guarantees or guarantees offered directly by the manufacturer, we will inform you in the description of the Product on the Site. Please contact our Customer Service for further information, such as information on after-sales service. According to the legal rights of the consumer and without prejudice to the foregoing paragraph, these guarantees are not binding on us, but only on those who issued them.
d.Any delays or breaches of obligations under these Terms are not attributable to us, if such delays or breaches are due to causes beyond our reasonable control. This does not in any way affect the legal rights of the User.
e.If you have any questions, comments or complaints about handling your order, please contact Customer Service.

a.If one or more of these Terms is deemed invalid or void by a Tribunal or a Supervisory Authority, the other conditions shall continue to apply.
a.We may decide to transfer our rights or obligations or subcontract our obligations as set out in these Terms to another legal entity. You agree that we may do so, provided that this does not affect the standard of service received under these Terms. The User also acknowledges that in case of transfer only, after having communicated the date of transfer of our rights and obligations to another legal person, the only rights of the User under or in relation to these Terms will be towards the new legal entity and no longer towards us.
a.Your privacy is very important to Us. The User is required to carefully read our Privacy Policy which describes how we will use the User’s personal information communicated when using the Site and placing an order.
a.All contracts concluded between Us and the User in the manner described above will be subject to, interpreted and applied according to Italian law and in particular according to the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005) and Legislative Decree 70/2003.
a.Your use of the Site is governed by the Terms and Conditions of our Site.